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  What You Need To Know    
Claudine Ecarte

What To Wear

Close fitting dancewear is recommended for all classes. This allows the teachers to see your alignment enabling them to better address your individual needs. Exceptions will be made if students are cold or shy. Use your best judgement.

Specific Classes

Ballet: leotard with tights, shorts, or leggings. Please wear soft ballet slippers.

Modern Jazz Dance:
leotard, tank top or T-shirt with tights, shorts, or leggings. Jazz shoes recommended; bare feet ok.

sweats and a T-Shirt, knee pads are recommended; CLEAN sneakers are permitted in the studio for Hip-Hop.


Upcoming studio holidays are posted in the lobby. You may also call the studio at (510) 420-0920 to ensure whether or not classes will be held. The recorded message will announce all upcoming holidays.

How do I get started?

Adult dance classes at Danspace are open year- round. If you would like to take a drop-in class, arrive at the studio 10 minutes prior to class to get acclimated. A person at the desk will help you sign-in and pay for class.


Daily life can often cause particularly tight spots in the body. Dancers are encouraged to arrive early to warm-up for their classes to address their physical needs by warming up before the class begins.

Late comers

Students who arrive late should not jump into the dance phrase that is being taught. Mindfully warm-up and set your body up for dancing. For the safety of the student, no one will be allowed to enter class after the first 20 minutes.

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