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  Ballerina Birthday Party  
Ballerina Birthday Dance 1

Use our space for your party! We have two studios (1200 sq. ft.) and (800 sq. ft.) joined by a foyer. For groups up to 15 children.

Thirty to 45 minutes of dance class will be provided by our stellar staff. Also provided are folding chairs and tables. You provide the decorations, the party goods, food and the children.

Danspace has been teaching dance to very young children since 1976.

What parents are saying about Ballerina Birthday Parties:

Ballerina Birthday Dance 2

"That was the easiest birthday party that we ever threw!"

"We really enjoyed the special touches you provided and the kids had a great time!"

"The ballerina birthday party teacher was excellent!"


Party Fees: 2 hour party (2:00–4:00 pm)

$  50.00 cleaning deposit.
30 min. set-up/clean-up (1/2 hour before and after the party)

For an additional $75.00, Danspace provides a special surprise for your child: A visit from a ballerina fully clad in a beautiful white tutu and pointe shoes. The ballerina will come in a gift box and dance for your ballerina and her friends. Tutus and/or hobbyhorses for your guests to play with at the party are provided for each child with this additional service.

Call (510) 420-0920 to schedule a party.

Bounced Checks: We pass on a $35.00 fee for any checks returned by our bank for insufficient funds.

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