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Visiting Day

Danspace will have t​wo​ visiting days in the Fall/Winter and one visiting day in the Spring. Visiting days for the 201​6/17 school year are the weeks of October 16th - 21nd 2017, January 22nd - 27th 2018.

Visiting Day is an opportunity for you to observe class and for the children to share what they have been learning. We ask that you support the children and the teachers by not remaining in the foyer except on Visiting Day. Exceptions are made for the first few classes of very young children. Visiting "dignitaries" such as grandparents may visit any class by prior appointment.

We are located in a wonderful neighborhood full of great local shops. When it is not visiting day, we encourage you to get out of the studio and get some errands done. You could head out to get some coffee at Alem's Coffee (5353 Claremont Ave), or Bittersweet Cafe (5427 College Ave); or do your grocery shopping at Trader Joes (5727 College Ave), or Safeway (6310 College Ave); or check out some books at Rockridge Branch Library (5366 College Ave), Diesel, A Bookstore (5433 College Ave), Pegasus Books (5560 College Ave).

What to Wear to Dance Class

Serendipity: Any solid color leotard, tights, or unitard and ballet slippers. NO unattached skirts or tutus please.

Pre-Ballet: Any style black leotard, pink tights, or unitard and ballet slippers. NO skirts or tutus please.

Ballet: For girls; black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers. For boys; white T-shirt, black tights and black or white ballet slippers.

Modern & Choreography: Leotard and leggings or footless tights, bare feet.

Hip-Hop: Sweats and a T-shirt, kneepads are recommended; CLEAN sneakers are permitted in the studio for Hip-Hop.

Hair for all Dancers must be away from the face and neatly secured.

Where To Purchase Attire:

Contra Costa Dancewear - 675 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 - (925)932-9660  Contra Costa Dancewear

San Francisco Dancewear - 659 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94105 - (415)882-7087  San Francisco Dancewear

Other Important Information

Missed Classes: If you know you will be absent from a class, please email or call the front desk to let us know the date(s) you will be absent.

When your child is sick or injured we encourage them to attend class and watch. This is customary practice in the dance field. The opportunity to watch class allows the dancer to see how students take corrections from the teacher. It is a highly informative experience. It is particularly important to watch rehearsal in order to see the overall picture and hear choreography notes and changes; this is the process of studying dance. This rule does not apply if your child is in major pain or contagious. If you think your child is too sick to come to class, please call to let us know as far in advance as possible.

Make-up Classes Students are encouraged to make up classes they have missed. Contact the front desk to schedule a make-up class during the semester in which the absence occurred. Three make-up classes are permitted per semester per class. Classes are not transferrable. No make-ups will be scheduled during the final 3 weeks of the spring semester.

Holidays are posted on the Children's Division Bulletin Board, and the studio's outgoing telephone message. We close for two weeks in December and two weeks in the spring. Only selected Monday holidays are observed.

Performance Opportunities are available for the dancer who shows interest. These opportunities are presented at various times during the school year through participation in The Nutcracker, dNaga Dance Naganuma and COterie DAnce Summer Performance Opportunity.

Nutcracker Selection Philosophy

Dance Parties are held in the spring, in our studio, to celebrate a year of dancing achievement in a lighthearted atmosphere. Immediate family members are invited to share in the fun. During the month of May, please plan on attending each of your classes, as the students will be working on a class dance to show at the Dance Party. You will receive a Dance Party schedule in May with information about the day of your party.

Bounced Checks We pass on a $35.00 fee for any checks returned by our bank for insufficient funds.

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