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Children's Overview Photo 1Danspace offers dance for children beginning at age 3½. Creative Movement is recommended for the youngest children, who may then progress to Ballet and/or Modern Dance, or Jazz. Children may study for enjoyment or in preparation for a professional career. Classes are small, gently structured, musically oriented and age appropriate. Formal dance training begins at 8. Danspace instructors draw from extensive backgrounds in dance education and performance and are especially gifted in working with children. All instructors have studied at fine academic institutions.


Children's SerendipitySerendipity is designed to introduce young children to the creativity and artistry of dance. Classes include work on basic motor skills, coordination, flexibility, rhythm, spacial awareness and design. Stories, games, props, and music of all kinds are used to inspire the imagination. Self-expression is fostered and self-discipline is encouraged. Class size is limited.

Serendipity 1: ages 3½-4½ (must be 4 to join Spring semester)

Serendipity 2:ages 4½-6 (must be 5 to join Spring semester)


Children's Ballet Photo 2

Pre-Ballet combines the free spirit of Serendipity with a gentle introduction to the fundamentals of Ballet. Usually ages 6 to 8.

Ballet begins at age 8. Classes emphasize careful training of the young body, and a solid foundation for further study. Students move through the Levels according to maturity and technical ability.

Pointe students are evaluated for pointe at about 11 years of age and must have attended 2 classes/week for 1 year in preparation.

Pointe Repertory Open to students in Ballet 4/5 who would like to have extra Pointe experience. Class consists of barre and center exercises and learning ballet repertory on Pointe.

Intermediate and Advanced Ballet: Three classes required; four for advanced pointe work.


Modern Dance continues in the vein of Serendipity, encouraging coordination, flexibility, rhythm and spacial awareness. The basics of Modern Dance technique, choreographic tools and performing skills are introduced, accompanied by eclectic musical styles, rhythms and meters.

Choreography 1/2 students are introduced to basic dance composition. We will learn tools and choreographic devices to turn our movements into phrases and dances.

Choreography 3/4 students build upon their composition skills by working with sophisticated choreographic tools and devices. We also bring elements outside of the dance field such as music, text, objects, and the environment in to our compositions.

Modern Jazz class emphasizes strength, coordination and style. A jazz movement vocabulary, including jumps, turns, leaps and progressions across the floor is developed into dance combinations. Students sample a wide range of styles from Broadway to classical jazz and funk inspired choreography.

dNaga Company class is available for enrollment by invitation only. This class offers students an opportunity to engage in the process of the creation of work, employing ballet and modern dance techniques as well as a sense of improvisation and deep critical thinking. We explore how we see ourselves in the world and how through dance, we take up space and influence others with our choices. Students have the opportunity to perform in informal showcases during Bay Area Dance Week, and occasionally may have opportunities to perform at additional venues.

dNaga's mission is to create work that reflects our culture and explores our human experience. Thematic material that has been covered in class includes living with Parkinson's Disease, testing medication, brain surgery, loss of loved ones, gang violence, incarceration, gender bias, oppression and racism. Including children in these discussions in a mindful way allows students the time and space to make sense of these difficult subjects and how they relate to their own lives. We create a safe space to talk and process in peer groups, followed by journaling and developing work. As tomorrow's leaders, this dance process provides a unique embodied experience within a trusted community for these dancers to grow together.

Company class is led by Danspace Director and dNaga Artistic Director Claudine Naganuma, who draws upon her study of Early Childhood Education at Mills College, her work in the classroom at Aurora Elementary School, and 20 years' experience in the field of dance including receiving her MFA in Choreography and Performance from Mills College. Claudine is dedicated to arts education and the empowerment of children.

Creative Movement For Boys (offered seasonally) ages 8-14 is designed as an introduction to dance. The primary goal of this class is to foster a love of movement. Creative movement offers music, movement and rhythm plus freedom of expression. Creative Movement is a great way to step into the dance studio, and an excellent first group activity.

Hip-Hop dance started in the 1960's as a combination of African and street dance and is set to the complex rhythms of music. Hip-hop music can bring about political awareness and call out injustices in our community and our planet. We carefully select music for class that promotes positivity. Dancers taking Hip Hop will learn current trends of movement and musicality and will find that hip hop dance can provide them additional skills in becoming a versatile dancer.

We also host Ballerina Birthday Parties for groups (up to 15 children) Use our space for your party!

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