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  Danspace Studio Rental  

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Danspace is located in the heart of the Rockridge district. It is walking distance from BART and there is plenty of parking in the neighborhood. Amenities include walking distance to restaurants and retail stores, Hardy Dog Park and Frog Park.

Our studio rental fee is $25.00 an hour for classes and rehearsal space. For parties or performances there are additional fees as a Building Manager will have to be on site. We primarily rent studio space to teachers who offer weekly classes on an annual basis. Danspace rents to local dance companies and choreographers on a project basis if space is available.
Bounced Checks: We pass on a $35.00 fee for any checks returned by our bank for insufficient funds.

Renters must provide proof of personal liability insurance to rent the studio.

Danspace has two studios. Both are uniquely suited for different activities:
Studio I (1200 square feet) is equipped with mirrors and barres. The sprung floor has a "marley" surface, therefore special care must be taken to not damage the surface which is designed especially for dance shoes, socks or bare feet.

Studio II (800 square feet) It is ideal for small children's classes, and in particular, yoga, which may need to use the wall for poses. There are no barres or mirrors. The room has a door for privacy.

Both studios are equipped with a CD player.

Heat is available in both studios.

No street shoes are allowed in the studios.

Both studios are wheel-chair accessible.

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