How to register

Print out and complete our registration form. Mail to us along with a check for $100 per class. You will be billed for the balance of tuition depending upon the number of classes left in the session. We do not accept credit cards at this time.

No child can be permitted into the classroom with out the completed Registration form and the above mentioned deposit.

You may also call us at (510) 420-0920 to schedule your first class. Once at the school, our staff will help you fill out a registration form. If you are enrolling in the middle of a semester, your tuition due will be based on the number of classes remaining in the semester.

Download children’s class registration form

Danspace handbook

Please read the Danspace Handbook as part of your registration process. The final page of the handbook should be printed, signed and returned with your Registration Form and deposit or tuition.

Class schedule

The Danspace year begins in SEPTEMBER and ends in JUNE.

There is a 2-week break in December and one week in Spring. There are 17 weeks of classes in each session. Students may enroll anytime during the year if space is available.

Please review our class schedule for this year’s specifics.

Tuition & payment

For the purpose of tuition payment, the year is divided into two sessions:

FALL: Mid-September through January
SPRING: February through Mid-June

Annual Tuition:
1x/wk  $646
2x/wk  $1,275
3x/wk  $1,810.50
4x/wk  $2,346
5x/wk  $2,847.50
Semi-Annual Tuition:
1x/wk  $323
2x/wk  $637.50
3x/wk  $905.25
4x/wk  $1,173
5x/wk  $1,423.75

Refund and cancellation policy

Danspace offers students three classes to assure a suitable fit. Within these three weeks, if the student decides not to return, he/she will pay only for the classes attended at the rate of $20 per class. After the third week of class, there are NO REFUNDS.

Summer Programs and Master Classes: Cancellation notice must be received by Danspace two weeks prior to the first day of class (14 days), in order to receive a refund of deposit or tuition.

Bounced checks

We pass on a $35.00 fee for any checks returned by our bank for insufficient funds.

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