dNaga’s mission is to create work that reflects the culture in which we live and to explore our shared human experience. dNaga’s intergenerational company includes youth, adult dancers and older folks with Parkinson’s disease. Together, dNagalers explore through dance how we perceive ourselves in the world and how we determine our own life path and inevitably influence our community and the greater society with our choices.

PEACE Project

dNaga now offers Dance for PD® classes at Danspace. An extension of our Dance for PD® program, The PEACE Project offers opportunities to dancers with PD to perform with our intergenerational ensemble. Our project members are currently exploring the role of alpha synuclein, misfolding proteins and their impact on Parkinson’s disease. Through our work with people living with Parkinson’s disease, we hope to partner with doctors and scientists to find a cure. We want to encourage the medical profession to listen to the stories of people who are living with Parkinson’s disease, who can share important information with the medical community.
Many of our dNaga company members were trained at Danspace, and have been working with dNaga’s PEACE Project since they were students. If you are a Danspace student, and are interested in applying for a dance internship with the PEACE Project, please send us an email to dnagaler@gmail.com with your name, age, and why you want to participate. As an intern, you’d attend our Saturday Dance for PD Class, learn how to work with elder dancers, and have an opportunity to perform.