For our Adult Division, we offer classes by the series. Each series is 6-9 weeks in length depending on where we are in the year. To maintain class size and for the purpose of planning, drop ins are not offered but can be scheduled via email with advance notice.



Dance for Health

Benefits of Dance for Adults

Taking dance class has several benefits for dancers of all ages.

Dance engages the mind.

When you are in dance class, you are required to focus your mind in the present, which offers adult dancers the opportunity to center themselves.  Dance also engages both sides of the brain simulanteously, helping strengthen your neural pathways.

Dance is a good workout.

Dance is a full-body workout that helps improve posture, core strength, and flexibility.

Dance is good for the soul.

By dancing with others in class we discover the power of the ensemble, the collective.  By coming together with others we create community and see positive benefits to our well-being.


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