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An Update from Music Together

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 This a a message from Music Together Worldwide:>

—-  First Responders and Healthcare workers join for 50% off. Thank you for all you do! Email for your coupon

—- Sliding Scale We know many of us are experiencing unexpected financial challenges due to COVID19 work changes.
If you need sliding scale enrollment, please email for your personal coupon

*If you can contribute the full tuition it will help support out teachers and our scholarship fund.

***We’ve lowered tuition by $40 because we know these are challenging times financially for many of us. Registration is PER FAMILY. There are no sibling fees.***

—-If you already registered for spring, email and we’ll switch you into your new online class and apply credit to your account for the online Spring discounThe Spring schedule is  HERE. A $40 credit will automatically go into your account.

We want the Spring Maracas collection online classes to be a welcome, educational, and fun part of your weekly schedule. We encourage you to think of this offering as a way to connect with your child, your teacher and with others in your community.

We need each other during this time and we need music. We need something on this new quarantine schedule that is predictable, joyful, and reassuring, and that YOU don’t have to invent!  Stay home. Stay healthy. We love you!

Introducing…..Music Together Online and Canta y Baila Conmigo Family Playground

Read on for information about each program and screen time. 

 ***YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE FACEBOOK FOR THE CLASSES or extra content. Music Together Worldwide and Canta y Baila Conmigo  are presenting extra content you will able to access with your code.

This package of online music experiences and resources creates a family tool kit for using music through this time, ANY TIME OF DAY, and in the future.

***Please read through for our thoughts about SCREEN TIME, both limited and NONE!

What’s included?

Let us bring The Joy of Family Music® making into your living room! Participate in weekly interactive Zoom classes, extra livestream events, and downloaded content.



You have the choice to enroll for
One 40-minute Zoom class
Two 20 minute Zoom classes per week
***UNLIMITED MAKEUPS because there may be NO SUCH THING AS A SCHEDULE at home!

Teachers will also  be posting videos and live events on our new Private Maracas Family Facebook Group and YouTube channel. Please check in on  to meet some of our teachers and enjoy and a few activities. More  posted next week. You’ll get an email notice of live events and new ‘Meet the teacher” videos

You’ll receive a code to download your Maracas song collection and song book, song collection notation pages and supplemental materials provided by Music Together Worldwide. Once the physical materials are delivered to EBMT and it’s safe, we’ll get you your song books and CDs

During each LIVE INTERACTIVE class, your favorite teachers will lead activities for you and your family to sing, play, and jam along to from the Maracas song collection or De Colores in our Canta classes. The whole family is welcome and encouraged to  participate!

Remember…Just as in our in person classes, we want kiddos to be themselves. The most powerful magic is YOUR alive music making. Please let them wander and check in and out. They’ll rejoin when they are ready – AND it may take time for them to get used to this new experience. We hope you’ll recreate what you did in class with your family at home ANYTIME.

Additional Content with your code,  and on the Maracas Family Facebook Group FOR MT and CANTA FAMILIES***

Parent education
Musical crafts
Song covers
Examples of using  music for daily chores, activities and even battles!
Several 15 minutes of Evening Yoga with music to WIND DOWN
Several Live Dance Party to lullaby events to get the wiggles out and wind down
DIY videos on  instrument making from household items.   And ….. Turn dish towels, pots, and stuffies into musical props! – Great for your BIG KIDS !

Downloadable form Music Together Worldwide with your code
Songs with Uncle Gerry!

Printables family resources, including coloring pages, musical games
More DIYs, Parent Ed
Songs lead by Music together teachers around the world!
Access to your music through the award-winning Hello Everybody App


The CyBC Family Playground “Playdates” include 10 weeks of classes and 8 weeks/16 Playdates!

Your weekly class with Natalia or Anna-Maria

•    Online “Playdates” 2x/week with 30-40 minutes of content
•    Sing-along videos with program creator, Maddie Welch
•    Sing-along videos/live stream with Miss Christy
•    Downloadable coloring and activity pages
•    Craft activities related to the songs being sung
•    Video messages/song from CyBC teachers around the country
•    Spanish lessons for parents and older kids
•    Bonus games and Contests

Please SHARE with your friends WHEREVER they live!  VAMOS A CANTAR y BAILAR across the NATION!

       Wait….!?!How can this work online and… SCREENTIME ?!?!

We don’t intend the online classes to be passive watching time, but active family engagement in playful musical activities – See #3 and #4 above  🙂
We encourage you to adjust all of the options in our online session to best fit your family.

My child won’t focus on a screen for any time

Remember – just as in our classes, you are still the most important part. It is not expected or needed for children to “sit and watch” the class.  They are likely to wander, dance, join in, do their own thing, and go “in and out” of the video activities much the as happens during in-person classes.  If your child can see and hear their adult making music with your teachers”, they are absorbing the music without seeing the screen YOU, the parent, are still the main ingredient.

Your child will continue on their path of musical development, and importantly, you’ll be reinforcing the disposition to be a music maker and internalizing the message that music is important to your family.

Even if they don’t ‘play’ with you at all during class, you will be learning its of fun musical activities you can call on any time, and continuing to recognize that their favorite adult loves to make music.

From a parent ~ “Like FaceTime with Grandparents!”
Because children can see heir favorite teacher and familiar faces from class, we’re hearing from families that their children ARE engaged like in class. You can think of this as similar to FaceTime calls you’ve done with friends and family.
You always have the option of changing it up and hiding the screen. Variety within repetition is a power thing!

You may choose NO SCREENS!

You may choose to keep the screen hidden from your child, like high on a shelf during class, they will just experience the class as a musical playdate with you! You’ll find that their engagement may grow as they begin to recognize the songs from the Maracas song collection.

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