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Ballet Fundamentals for Adults

By September 6, 2020 3 Comments

Ballet Fundamentals is offered periodically, pending enrollment. Email to inquire about our next series.

This class is designed for the ballet “true beginner,” gently introducing the foundation of ballet technique in a way designed specifically for adult dancers.  

Ballet Fundamentals prepares new dancers to join Adult Beginning Ballet. Ballet Fundamentals is a great second class for beginning dancers and more advanced dancers. This class is an opportunity to polish the foundations of basic technique, explore concepts that resonate across levels, and deepen your understanding of how natural movement concepts influence the Corvino approach to ballet.

Series registration required (7-9 weeks, depending on the calendar)

See our 2021-22 schedule of classes and series start dates.
2021-22, we are planning to offer the following schedule (subject to change):
Series 1: Ballet Fundamentals I (Sept-Oct 2021)
Series 2: Ballet Fundamentals II (Nov-Dec 2021)
Series 3: Ballet Fundamentals I (Jan-Feb 2022)
Series 4: Ballet Fundamentals II (Mar-Apr 2022)
Series 5: Ballet Fundamentals I (May-June 2022)

We suggest students brand-new to ballet begin in Ballet Fundamentals I. Ballet Fundamentals II gives students the opportunity to continue practicing at a slower pace before enrolling in Beginning Ballet. For questions or advice on placement, please email

About the teacher: Mary Armentrout is a teacher, choreographer, dancer, and Feldenkrais Practitioner, and the director of the Mary Armentrout Dance Theater (MADT). Starting to dance at age three, she graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 1985. Over the years she has taught movement and dance of many varieties to people from ages 4 to 60+. Her understanding of movement and the human body is informed by her decades of study of Contemporary Modern Dance, Ballet, Butoh, Aikido, Authentic Movement, Alexander Technique, and of course the Feldenkrais Method. Her current teaching practice spans Feldenkrais, dance technique, and creative fusions of the two. She teaches on-going classes in the Bay Area, in festivals and intensives, and recently taught master classes at universities in Louisiana, England, and China. Mary has been studying ballet with Beth Hoge since 1987 and has been teaching at Danspace since 1996. Her eclectic background combined with a profound respect for the Corvino approach and a creative integration of Feldenkrais principles make her classes inviting and accessible to adults who have never danced, as well as those returning after a long absence, and to dancers of all backgrounds looking to clarify the role of ballet in their practice.

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