A letter from Ellie Kerwin, Danspace administrator and dNaga dancer

For those of you who know me, you probably know that I have been dancing for most of my life. My first class at Danspace was in 2005 with Miss Freesia when I was 3 years old. Now it’s sixteen years later and I’m still here at Danspace. Throughout the years I have been lucky enough to take classes from so many amazing teachers – Beth, Claudine, Kimberly, KT, Katie Taylor, Mary, Janey – just like all of you! I also joined dNaga when I was in middle school and have had the pleasure to participate in intergenerational dancing and weekly Dance for PD® classes. I even got to intern and work for dNaga and Danspace for the past two years.

Dance has always been one of the biggest and most influential elements in my life. It has helped me take care of not only my physical self, but also my mind and emotional wellbeing. I love being creative and musical while also feeling healthy and strong. I’m sure many of you dancers can relate to me in that it is sometimes scary to be surrounded by mirrors and have eyes on you while you are in dance class. Especially as dancers tend to be their own worst critics. It’s hard not to fall into the trap of picking yourself apart or being too hard on yourself. But dance is supposed to be fun! An outlet to express yourself and enjoy movement and rhythm. The supportive teachers and nurturing environment at Danspace have helped teach me to let go of some of those self-conscious feelings. Instead, dance has made me feel strong and empowered and more courageous. As I grow up, I’ve come to understand how important it is to care for yourself as a dancer and I’ve learned to appreciate myself and my body for what it allows me to do – dance!

I am only 19 years old, so I still have a lot more growing up to do. And in September I will be heading off to college in Oregon, so I’ll see a lot of growth happening over these next 4 years. In this next step I am most excited to be majoring in Dance, where I will get to take one to two dance classes everyday. I’ll get to experience all kinds of dance as I start off in the Fall by taking Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, and African dance. My love and passion for dance runs deep and it brings me so much joy, I can’t wait to continue that and expand my horizons. I hope my adventure also inspires you and gives you a peek into what’s possible for you in the future. I started out as a dancer in Serendipity just like many of you reading this, and now I’m going to study dance in college. You can do that too and keep dancing for the rest of your life, which is what I think makes it so special.

I have had so much fun dancing with you all and assisting your classes over the past 2 years. I’ll miss you all when I leave, but I can’t wait to come back and visit my Danspace family.


We had a full and fantastic summer!

Thank you for dancing and creating with us. It was wonderful to reunite face-to-face with our youth dancers and adult dancers, in the studio and outdoors.

Children’s and Youth Divisions

Fall enrollment is open! Some classes are already full.
Deadline to enroll in a class is September 3.

Email info@danspace.com to check on a class status or to enroll.

Registering by September 3 will help us plan ahead for classes that require pods and help us manage our waitlist.
Click here to view the schedule

We are planning to hold classes in person (masked and distanced), with the option of attending class on Zoom for those who want it. We are limiting in-person capacity at this time. If anything changes and it is not safe to meet in person in the studio, then classes will be moved to Zoom.

All studios have a door and window that open to provide air flow, plus HEPA air purifiers. Each studio is wiped down following each class. All students attending class in person must have a symptom and temperature check before entering the classroom. Symptom check is a verbal questionnaire, the temperature check is touch free. Masks are required regardless of vaccination status.

Learn more about our in-person protocols and what you’ll agree to if you decide to dance in person. This page also has some FAQs.

At this time, we are not requiring students 12 & up to show proof of vaccination.

We believe that we are providing a safe environment for our students and staff, following guidelines for distancing and masking per the CDC and the County. If there are any concerns about safety practices or if we missed something, kindly email info@danspace.com so that we can give the matter our full attention.

Adult Division

Our 2021-22 year begins on Sunday, September 12

Register for Series 1 by September 1 to be considered for in-person class.

Click here to see the Fall schedule and pricing. If you’re interested in attending class in person, please contact us ASAP. In order to be considered for in-person classes, you must register for the series so we can create pods of students.

Drop-ins and makeups are welcome virtually.

We are asking our adult students to show proof of vaccination. If you prefer not to share your vaccination status or if you’re not vaccinated, please provide a recent negative test in order to participate in the studio.

Learn more about our in-person protocols and what you’ll agree to if you decide to dance in person. This page also has some FAQs.

In The Community

Resident Company – dNaga celebrating 20th anniversary!

dNaga is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Doing this during a pandemic year has been challenging as we explored what socially distanced dance could be. It has been two years since dNaga has performed live, and we are thrilled. Please join us in a beautiful outdoor setting: Coventry Grove in Kensington on Sunday, September 12 at 3pm for Dance-a-Rama in The Redwoods!

dNaga will be performing alongside Ruth Botchan Dance Company, Avilee Goodwin, Shahrzad Khorsandi, Evangel King, Mary Reid, and Chingchi Yu and Dancers.

Our very own Ellie Kerwin, Yael Berrol, and Shosi Black will be performing!

Reserve your tickets

– The Danspace team

Looking Forward

We can’t wait to see you in person!

We are excited to welcome you all back into the studio, as you feel ready. Thank you all so much for continuing to dance, to stay engaged with Danspace, and for being so considerate of the safety of our full community. See you in class!

– The Danspace team

This past year has been challenging for everyone, and arts organizations are struggling. Danspace has been committed to continuing to pay our teachers and staff, and your support continues to make that possible.

If you’re able to, please consider making a contribution. You can contribute to Danspace directly or make a tax-deductible donation through our resident company, dNaga. Click here for contribution options and please contact us if you’d like to support our school at a different amount.

Thank you for all the ways you make Danspace so vibrant and special!

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