Happy New Year, and happy beginning of the 2020s decade!
A break always makes us that much more excited to jump back into dance.

In our newsletter reflections, we’re continuing to explore the seven qualities of movement that guide of ballet studies (also known as PERGSET).  As with many parts of our dance education, we find that there are connections between our work in the studio and our lives in the world.

This month, we’re thinking about glisser, a verb that means “to glide.”  One example of this is in the movement glissade (click here for a short video demonstrating glissade).

Glisser describes a sliding movement across the floor that propels a dancer into action.  We use this gliding action to create the illusion of weightlessness in jumping and to transition smoothly from one shape or movement into another (what one might describe as dancing).  In order to achieve glisser, we must (somewhat counter-intuitively) begin grounded into the floor. Much of what we notice of dancing is the parts that are “up” (jumps, turns, etc), but in order to create those movements, we must use the floor and gravity to support our movement.  As we come back into the studio this month, see if you can notice new places where we use the floor to support our dancing.

As we glide into the new year, we’re thinking about all the things in our life that propel us into action.  At this time of year, many people set resolutions for the year that propel them into a new movement practice (click here for our class schedule to get your new movement practice started).  Maybe when you have fun plans scheduled you notice yourself jumping out of bed excited to start your day.  As we get back into our routines after the year-end break, we encourage you to reflect on what inspires or propels you into action in your life.  How can you offer yourself more of what inspires you in 2020?


A round of applause for our dancers that performed in the the Secret Nutcracker with Oakland Ballet School and Graham Lustig’s The Nutcracker with Oakland Ballet Company.

Gingersnaps on stage 2019

22 Danspace students and Mother Ginger (Danspace student, Ellie Kerwin)
in dress rehearsal for The Secret Nutcracker.

Children’s Division

Enrollment for the spring semester is open!

All tuition for current students is due by January 11, 2020.
If you know you will not be returning for the spring semester, email info@danspace.com ASAP.

Low enrollment due to students not returning can cause a class to be cancelled.
We want to have ample time to notify students of any changes in class scheduling.

There is no break between the fall and spring semesters.

New students enrolling for the spring semester may join in January at a pro-rated tuition to finish out the fall semester and continue right into the spring.

Adult Division

We are thrilled to offer more Ballet Fundamentals in 2020!
Ballet Fundamentals is a class designed for true beginners to support you as you begin your ballet practice. Fundamentals explores the building blocks of ballet, giving adult students the opportunity to learn the core principles they need for Adult Beginning Ballet. Please tell your friends and neighbors who are interested in ballet about this unique opportunity! Danspace parents are also very welcome in this class. If you have questions or need more information, please contact us: info@danspace.com.

Adult Division Series 3 Begins Sunday, January 5
To reserve your spot, please email info@danspace.com.

adults-about 2Sundays: Adult Beginning Ballet
Dates: 1/5-2/23 (8 weeks)
Time: 10:30am-12pm
Instructor: Mary Armentrout & Katie Taylor
Cost: $128

Sundays: Adult Ballet Fundamentals
Dates: 1/5-2/23 (8 weeks)
Time: 12-1:30pm
Instructor: Mary Armentrout & Katie Taylor
Cost: $128

Mondays: Adult Cardio Hip Hop
Dates: 1/6-2/24 (7 weeks – no class 1/20)
Time: 7:30-8:30pm
Instructor: Janey Madamba
Cost: $112

Wednesdays: Adult Adv Beginning/Intermediate Ballet
Dates: 1/8-2/26 (8 weeks)
Time: 7:30-9pm
Instructor: Mary Armentrout & Katie Taylor
Cost: $128

Thursdays: Adult Beginning/Intermediate Ballet
Dates: 1/9-2/27 (8 weeks)
Time: 7:30-9pm
Instructor: Katie Taylor
Cost: $128

Intermediate/Advanced Teen/Adult Classes (drop-in only – $18): 
Mondays: Intermediate/Advanced Teen Adult Ballet with Kimberly Valmore, 6-7:30pm
Tuesdays: Intermediate/Advanced Teen Adult Modern Jazz with Kimberly Valmore, 6:15-7:45pm
Fridays: Intermediate/Advanced Teen Adult Ballet with Claudine Naganuma, 6-7:30pm
Saturdays: Intermediate/Advanced Teen Adult Ballet with Claudine Naganuma, 11am-12:30pm

We Need Your Blankets

It’s cold and we know there are many people in our community that sleep in cars or unheated shelters.  Danspace is collecting blankets to donate to those in need.

Blankets should be clean and in good condition.
We will primarily give blankets to families from dNaga’s GIRL Project.

Between January 6 – January 19 bring in any blanket donations to Danspace
and give to the person staffed at the front desk.

Thank you for helping us help those in need!

From The Community

Seeing dance performances is an important part of a dance education. There are wonderful programs in 2020 across the Bay Area. If you need suggestions or recommendations, please contact us! Here are a few places to look for what’s coming up:

San Francisco Ballet
Cal Performances
SF Performances
Dancers’ Group’s Community Calendar

Share what dance performances you’re seeing with us on Facebook!

Looking Forward

Mark your calendars for your next chances to take class with Beth Hoge, Danspace founder and matriarch:

  • Saturday, January 18: 11am-12:30pmBeth dancers pose 2
  • Wednesday, February 5: 11am-12:30pm
  • Saturday, February 15: 11am-12:30pm

Important Dates:

  • First day of Spring semester: January 27, 2020
  • No Children’s Division classes: February 17-22, 2020
  • Last day of Spring semester: June 6, 2020
  • Spring Tuition is due by January 11, 2020

Adult Division Series 3 Make-Up classes must be completed by February 29. Schedule your makeups early!

Summer 2020

Registration opens January 6, 2020

Tuition and registration instructions will be sent out
and posted on the website on December 30

Beth Hoge Ballet Intensive
Teen and Adult Division
June 15 – June 19, 2020
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Ballet from 10:30am-12:30pm
Thursday from 12:00-2:00pm

Corvino Ballet Intensive
Teen and Adult Division
June 22 – June 28, 2020
Schedule varies, evening classes and weekend morning classes offered

CODA Performance Intensive
Students in Ballet 3/4/5
July 6 – August 1, 2020
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Culminating performances at Holy Names University on August 1

Dance Workshop for ages 7-10
July 13 – July 17, 2020

Dance Workshop for ages 10-15
July 27 – July 31, 2020

We look forward to gliding through January with you,
The Danspace team

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